Wanted: Please can anyone help a family get closure for their little boy

Fook A Ji
City: Sault Ste. Marie
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Posted: 2014-01-02


Crystal Mcreavy Does anyone know anyone who could help with the search for little Robbie Reiner down in New Hamburg. This is our home town, my husband went to school and played hockey with the father and now the recovery search has been called off. I would really like to help this family with closure. If there is anyone you can think of that could volunteer their time especially if they are a professional diver Please let me know. I know this is a lot to ask but it means a lot to me. The little boy was autistic with no verbal speech like my son and just turned 5 on Dec. 1, 2013. Let me know either way. Thanks in advance for any help or even just the consideration of my plea. Suzanne Becker ( McReavy) Please ask around this family needs help so they can bring his body home please help give thisĀ  family closure. for more info email us or call 705 575 5334